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Dj Rohit De Guru aka DJ RDG, a name very often you'll hear if you are one of party animals in the Tricity!

Interests poured in, everything looked dry except for music & hence forth Rohit started DJing in his early teens. Soon with the skills accumulated, it was time to leave some hand prints on the players & Vinyl's. City Clubs Las Vegas,Blue Ice,Cafe Oz,Vodoo,WareHouse,Rio were soon witnessing the mesmerizing mixes of the Guru. Immediately, De Guru was contacted by one of best living clubs of the city and he started one of his most important residencies, at "AERIZZONA" in the year 2006. Events being planned, collabs being done, experimenting with classic urban flavors and slices of Desi beats, it wasn't long before north India's biggest nightclubs became evident of Dj Rdg's fame.

Dj Rdg believes in capturing the emotions of the crowd and then raising them with happiness, joy, freedom through his tunes & melodies. Infinite knowledge of music and crowd control has made dance floors electrifying, as stated by the fans that never miss any Saturday night with Dj Rdg on the console! M Audio Torque interface with Turn Tables along with Pioneer 1000 Series players along with M Audio Midi Controller is the basic equipment on which De Guru had achieved his expertise.

More than 100 beats and remixes, his genre starts from Hip-Hop/Rap to Modern Techno House and advance trance.

With a wealth of experience and passion nationally Dj Rdg has performed with some of the best DJs in the music industry. He left an impact wherever he played. He believed that music is vast, to play amongst a crowd with a mixture of people, everyone's choices must be met and that happens when a DJ becomes one among the crowd himself

So, forget the old monotonous Saturday nights and start following De Guru to catch the slightest of his music essence.

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