DJ Academy Courses

DJ courses empower students to learn the art and craft of DJing from working professional DJs with 8+ years of experience. The central philosophy of all the courses is an emphasis on live performance. Students will learn techniques and practice exercises to prepare for real life DJ performances, utilizing the same techniques that professional DJ use in nightclubs around the world.

Classes are structured with beginner and intermediate students in mind. Whether students have no prior musical knowledge or have some musical experience our DJ courses are guaranteed to provide knowledge, skill and practice in the most important techniques of modern DJing.

Basic Deejaying

The foundation of DJing is the same no matter what your long-term goals are. Beginner lessons will get you started with the basics: Students in the basic Deejaying class will learn the main concepts of DJing with industry standard equipment. All lessons are tailored for your goals. After learning basics you'll be introduced to crowd to learn practical skills for DJing in front of an audience.

Classes schedule: 2 months - 4 classes per week - 2 hours per session


By the end the first class everyone will have a working knowledge of Players, the Mixer. Students will be able to create smooth transitions between different songs and apply professional mixing technique

Pro Deejaying

Students will apply all the techniques learned in Basic Deejaying course in this unique project oriented class. By the end, all students will have created a professional level promotional mix CD to give to their friends and club promoters. Students will be taught first hand how to record their mix through software and how to edit, add track breaks and a printed label. Students will learn the process of making a mix CD from start to finish and learn how to mass produce professional quality CDs on a budget.

Classes Schedule: 1 month - 3 classes a week - 2 hours per session


Lastly, promotion strategies offer DJs 8+ years of insight into the nightclub and DJ profession. Students will learn insider tactics to get the attention of club managers and promoter as well as how to start your own night, and how to get people interested in your events.


We will teach students the art of playing the turntable, an art form that helped define hip-hop music and has been adopted in virtually all popular music genres.

Classes Schedule: 2 month,3 classes per week,2 hours per session


Mixing Techniques
Cueing,Beat Matching,Pitch Bending,Beat Juggling,Cutting in

Scratching Techniques
Styles OF Scratches: Baby,Chirps,Flare,Transform,Scribble
Fader Movements: Prawn,Crab

Music Production

Beatmaking, Recording and Production

Get some skills! Become the next superproducer! If want to learn to make hip-hop, electronic, dubstep or pop music, you must master the hardware and software that today's music makers use. Private lessons from an experienced beatmaker and recording industry professional are the fastest way to get you on your feet and on your way to your own recording. Our instructors will teach you audio manipulation, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) techniques, Sampling, Drum Programming and more, using the software or hardware setup of your choice.

Classes Schedule: 2 month,3 classes per week,2 hours per session

A few of the Programs and Hardware we can teach:

Plugins and Virtual Instruments

More Information

Course fees: Course fees is mention at the time of appointment in the studio depending on which level the student wants to join.

Payment options: The student can pay in two easy methods one time cash & installment pay through cheque, cash & D/D.

On Registration:Each & every student is awarded proper id card,a pro dj headphones and music cds.